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We Are Leaders In Dental Implant Treatments In Mexico, From Single Implants, Multiple Implants, Snap On Implants, All on 4 Dental Implants, Zygomatic Implants, Zirconia Implants. The Latest Technology In Dental Implants Abroad and The Best Material For Dental Implants In Mexico.

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Dental Implants in Playa del Carmen. 96% success rate over 2000 implants placed

Meet your new dental implant dentist, why do we consider our clinic as one of the best options in dental tourism?. Because of our strict protocols and documentation of all our cases. Watch patient testimonials, read about our technologies in implant dentistry.

We are better equip and trained than most other dental clinic in Mexico and Playa del Carmen, if you are interested in coming to the Cancun area for your dental implants, we offer you a free consultation, 3D CBCT Scan for the virtual digital planning of your dental implants. 100% safe and reliable technologies, like robot guided placement, 3d printed surgical guides, and NAVIDENT placement.

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The Latest Technologies In Dental Implants Placement

The first phase of your dental implants is called the surgical phase. During the surgical phase or placement of your dental implants, there are two very important factors to take into consideration, your bone and your medical history.

Periodontal disease, missing teeth for many years, infections and many other factors are to be taken into consideration for successful treatment. We offer you an online consultation to correctly plan your dental implants. We are all about planning, the more we plan the easier the execution.

Restorative Options For Your Dental Implants

From a single implant getting a custom abutment and a porcelain or zirconia crown, to a full arch dental implants, getting hybrid restorations like prettau bridges or crystal ultra hybrids. We have all the restoration materials and techniques for your dental implants vacation in Mexico.

Getting Dental Implants In Mexico

Always when looking abroad for medical or dental procedures, there are 3 main things you have to take into consideration. First and most important is the cost, you will be traveling abroad to save money, so choosing a reasonable inexpensive dental clinic.

Second would be doctors credentials, look for certified dentist periodontists. Third would be technologies, 3D CBCT X-Rays are 100% necessary for correct placements, as-well as many other technologies.

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Single Dental Implants Cost Mexico

From $900 USD
Per Implant

Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost Mexico

From $3,600 USD
For All On 4 Dental Implants
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Available Dental Implants In Mexico

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Dental Implants Mexico

mini dental implant in playa del carmen

Mini Implants Mexico

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Short Implants Mexico

zirconia implant in playa del carmen

Zirconia Implants Mexico

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Snap On Dentures Mexico

Still wondering what the costs of dental implants are in Mexico?

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