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Caring state-of-the-art dental clinic in playa del carmen. We are a small high quality dentists in playa, 4 operatories each certified specialist. Team of experience dental group offering highest quality dental treatments.

Dentist In Playa del Carmen

Our team of dentists in Mexico have been offering high quality dentistry in the Cancun and Playa del Carmen area for the last 10 years, we have competitive pricing on all dental treatments without losing quality. Meet your new dentist in Mexico.

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In Playa del Carmen

Smile Makeover Mexico
Latest technologies and On-Site Lab

Shorten Time Chair Time From  Your Dental Vacation

On-Site Dental Lab Helps Us By Cutting Timeframes By Almost 80%, Our Dental Technician And Dentist Work Hand To Hand Every day. Perfect Dental Lab And Clinic Workflow. Visit One Of The Best Dentist In Mexico For Your Dental Holiday In Cancun Or Playa Del Carmen.

Dentist In Playa del Carmen

Complex treatments under the right hands make outstanding results and unforgettable moments for a dental vacation trip. There sure isn’t other dental clinic that offers such a modern and relaxing dental experience. You want to know more about the experience we offer our patients, watch the following video.

Dr. Gilberto Galvez Root Canal Specialist
EndodontistDr. Gilberto Galvez10 Years Experience
Dr. Alejandra Paz
Cosmetic DentistryDr. Alejandra PazMinimally Invasive Dentistry
Dr. Martha Tziu
Restorative DentistDr. Martha TziuSmile Makeover Expert
Dr. Claudia Mansutti
ImplantologyDr. Claudia MansuttiPeriodontist

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    | Golf Drive 201, Plaza Paseo Playacar Loc. 31-32
    Playacar Fase II, CP 77717, Playa del Carmen
    Quintana Roo, Mexico


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