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Skills: Prosthodontics & Implantology

Dental Licensure: 6759434 /
Specialty License: 11685595

Languages: English / Spanish

Phone: +52 984 231 5254

Dr. Alejandra Paz

Is our Cosmetic & Restorative Specialist in Smile Makeover Playa del Carmen. With 10 years of experience and hundreds of new smiles you can be assured you are in great hands when planning a cosmetic & functional treatment.

Dr. Ale has a Master Degree in Prosthodontics & Implantology at the University of La Salle Bajio. This means her experience is not only Cosmetic, but also she has a wide panorama and knowledge of the overal-health and functionality of the restored mouth.

Professional History

Dr. Ale has a love for teaching and sharing her knowledge too. She has taught in different Universities in Mexico. She continuously keeps training herself also. Furthermore, she has assisted in international courses in Los Angeles, Jerusalem, and Liechtenstein. This has enriched her skills and love for dentistry.

Besides Dentistry, Dr. Ale enjoys outdoor sports, like biking, skating, and swimming. She loves living in the Caribbean and traveling. You will find in her a very approachable and detailed person that will work hard to give you the desired results.

Skills: Oral Rehabilitation

Dental Licensure: 6496867 /
Specialty License: 8349548

Languages: English / Spanish

Phone: +52 984 231 5254

Dr. Martha Tziu

Is one of our Restorative & Cosmetic Specialists at Smile Makeover Playa del Carmen. She has 11 years of experience restoring teeth, creating new smiles and making patients feel confident about their oral health.After Dental School she spent 3 more years specializing in Prosthodontics. This enables Dr. Martha to perform with expertise very complex restorative and cosmetic cases.

But not only this, Dr. Martha has been a teacher as well. She has been training dental students and young dentists seeking to improve their restorative skills.

Professional History

Dr. Martha loves being updated with the newest technologies and techniques. For the last years she has been involved in the Digital Workflow of Dentistry. This includes Digital Smile Design, which can give us a very real preview of what a new Smile will look like. This allows our patients to be really involved in the process of creating their new teeth.

She works hand to hand without dental technicians in our in-site lab so the results can be functional, long-lasting and meet our patients expectations.

Dr. Martha is an essential part of the Smile Makeover team and most of all she will work until her patients are satisfied. You will find out that she is an expert but also a very caring person. Besides Dentistry, Dr. Martha likes spending time with her husband and Husky Siberian dog. And she is always in for some traveling. Be sure she will take good care of you!

Skills: Periodontist

Dental Licensure:
Specialty License:

Languages: English / Spanish

Phone: +52 984 231 5254

Dr. Claudia Mansutti

Is our Periodontist & Implantologist at Smile Makeover Team in Playa del Carmen. She takes excellent care of our patients needing Gum treatments and Dental Implants. She started her Dental studies in 2004 and graduated from University of Carabobo in Valencia, Venezuela. She practiced general dentistry for some years and then moved to Mexico City to follow her true passion, Periodontics and Implantology, in 2013, graduating from Universidad Latinoamericana in 2015.

During her masters residency, she had the opportunity to work along her professors in their private practices. Gaining so much knowledge and experience from them. Since then Dr. Mansutti has placed over 2 thousand implants and surgeries. She felt in love with Mexico and it’s culture and decided to stay. In 2016, she re-certified her Dental Degree and has been into private practice since.

Professional History

Dr. Mansutti’s motivation to keep updated is the key of her continue success. She is eager to get her hands on the newest technologies, such a NaviDent. NaviDent is a 3D live guide to place implants. Smile Makeover is one of the few clinics around the world using this technology when placing implants. It allows a much more precise placement of implants, resulting in better outcomes.

She enjoys attending international courses, such as the annual event from the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), and she has participated in the International Team of Implantology (ITI) by Straumann.

Dr. Claudia is an essential part of the team. You will find her charisma and good vibes are very helpful to ease the stress of dentistry. She enjoys a quiet life after work, she loves cooking, specially Venezuelan food.