Crystal Ultra® Full Arch Mexico

State-of-the-art material for All-On-X Restorations, Latest Nano-Ceramic materials, 80% ceramic 20% composite. Light weight highly aesthetic full arch implant restoration material. Manufactured in Mexico in just 48 hours for our patients.

From $6,600 USD

Crystal Ultra hybrid

Crystal Ultra® the most functional, aesthetic dental material.

In addition to offering characteristics that make it different from other brands

Gentle – Crystal Ultra’s® 10 GPa modulus of elasticity results in a gentle, shock-absorbing feel.

Durable – At 490 MPa, Crystal Ultra® is as strong as lithium disilicate and 6x stronger than acrylic and denture teeth.

Strong – Creates strong chemical bonds to natural dentition and other restorative materials.

Flex – On a microscopic level, Crystal Ultra® bends and flexes under stress, thus creating a natural feel that resists chipping and cracking.

Hybrid denture workflow


Create wax try-in


Scan wax try-in and design the TriLor bar and Ultra overdenture


Mill the TriLor bar and Ultra overdenture


Cement the bar to the Crystal Ultra® over-denture creating a chemical bond


Finish restoration adding pink gum tissue material and then colorize, polish and glaze the Crystal Ultra® teeth

Crystal Ultra Hybrid

Crystal Ultra® and TriLor® work together perfectly

Crystal Ultra® is highly versatile material, ideal for fast turn-arounds

• Fixed Hybrid Dentures
• Translucent Veneers
• Anterior Crowns
• Milled Inlays / Onlays

What is TriLor® Bar?

• TriLor® is a fiber-reinforced resin material designed for dental understructures

• Strong, but flexible, TriLor® bends and flexes in the mouth; combined with Crystal Ultra®, this results in fixed hybrid dentures that transfer less energy to the implants

• Trilor® and Crystal Ultra® can easily be joined together in a chemical bond, and TriLor® also bonds easily to titanium implant parts

trilor with crystal ultra

Hybrid restoration is better for:
Patients + Dentists + Laboratory

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Dental clinic in mexico - Smile Makeover Playa del Carmen Mexico
CAD CAM in Mexico

Three ways to greater success!

Additional benefits
for patients

• Impervious to liquids and staining

• 6x stronger than Acrylic-based arches

• 60% lighter than Zirconia-based arches

• Highly durable and resistant to chipping

• Shock absorbent, soft bite feels like natural dentition

• Creates a highly esthetic look with strong translucent properties

Benefits For Dentists

crystal ultra finish

• In the case of implant failure, restoration can be retrofitted to new implant without needing a remake

• Crystal Ultra® is easily adjusted chair-side, so that lab-rework is minimized

• Better, more differentiated treatment option for patients

• Shock-absorbing attributes best replicate the function of the periodontal ligament, leading to fewer long-term complications and patient complaints

• Repairs are simple and minimally evasive

• Creates differentiated marketing opportunities for dental practices

Benefits For Laboratory

Crystal Ultra Proccess

• Differentiated offering versus zirconia or titanium/acrylic fixed hybrids

• Highly repeatable, highly scalable manufacturing process

• One-to-one milling, requires no sintering or crystallization

• Simple to design in CAD software

• Crystal Ultra® is easily adjusted chair-side, which minimizes lab-rework

• Advanced design options and finishing techniques can create unique “signature” esthetics

Is the Strongest Nano-Ceramic on the Market

Crystal Ultra® is the least “clacky” ceramic and is the gentlest material of all the dental ceramics and ceramic hybrids. Crystal Ultra® offers a hardness which closely matches natural dentition.

modulus of elasticity

By comparison, non-hybrid ceramics are harder than enamel, making them less pliable and forgiving, causing an unnatural “clacky” sound and feel when the patient bites down.

benefits of crystal ultra

Compressive strength simulates chewing forces and at 490 MPa, Crystal Ultra® is the strongest material among composites and traditional ceramics

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