Dr. Victor Granda

Periodontist & Implantologist

Skills: Periodontist & Implantologist

Dental Licensure: ####

Languages: English / Spanish

Phone: +52 984 231 5254


Dr. Victor Granda is a Periodontist and Implantologist registered in the Saudi Commision for Health Specialties. He has extensive international experience (England, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Spain, Mexico, United States, Dominican Republic).

During his 30 years of experience he has dabbled as Associate Professor at the International University of Catalonia, Spain in 2001. The academic experience of Dr. Víctor Granda as Dental Surgeon allows you to perform a wide range of simple and complex dental procedures.

In his academic training, he completed his degree in Dentistry at the University of Barcelona. To then perform a postgraduate in periodontics in the Department of Periodontics at the University of New York. I also conclude with a postgraduate course in UNIBE, Dominican Republic in Oral Implantology.

It is part of several international organizations. He is an ITI member (International Team for Implantology). He is a Member of the Oral Implantology Foundation and of the Official College of Dentists of Catalonia. The knowledge and experience of Dr. Granda will be an advantage for our team here at Smile Makeover that supports us with their skills.

Periodontist & ImplantologistDr. Victor Granda30 Years Experience

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